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Duos album

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The live album from Simon Mayor and Hilary James.

'Over [58] fretting, double-stringed minutes, give or take time off for demonstrations of similar fiddle and guitar expertise and some sweetly-sung blues, standards and folk songs from Hilary James, Simon Mayor takes the mandolin from hot-licking Texas fiddle tunes to Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba played with blurry-fingered precision.'
The Glasgow Herald (concert review, Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

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When summer comes again
Lime Rock
Searching for lambs
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Way back in something '92
Down the road I'll go
Two English dance tunes:
Chirping of the nightingale/Bold Princess Royal
Bold Reynard
The parrot song
If your kisses can't hold the man you love
The spider in the shed
Double crossin' Papa
O'er the ocean
Niel Gow's lament for Abercarney
Black and white rag.

... with plenty of lively anecdotes and audience banter.



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Simon Mayor
'Folk record of the year'
The Daily Telegraph
wit and sparkle in this live set from the eclectic, virtuosic quartet.'
Radio 2 Website

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